In 2014 England Will Force Students to Learn a Foreign Language

By Published On: April 8th, 2016

Starting in the year 2014, the learning of foreign tongues will be something that is compulsory in England. Pupils, starting at age seven, will have the ability to pick from this listing of languages: Mandarin, Greek, Latin, French, German and Spanish. The hope is that the early visibility can help raise their abilities in those languages and get pupils interested in other languages. It may be something that can be done, yes, but it can also be much more of an uphill fight.

I believe it is a safe bet that the United Kingdom will experience an inflow of bilingual kids shortly afterward, since foreign languages will be compulsory in England in 2014. I am sure their thinking is much like that of Utah’s thinking lately when it overturned the English only rule and began to invest lots of cash into language immersion programs; they needed to keep on top of the globalization trend and need for speakers of other languages. The planet will want multicultural individuals, and bilingual, trilingual people to help work in the gigantic international companies that have formed and continue to form daily. People will have to learn English and many other languages all over the globe.

England has a pretty particular strategy for rolling out this new mandate. It does seem, however, the demand for teachers with foreign language teaching skills would be vast in the coming months and years. The strategy is to get a pretty firm program set up. The students will have a listing of vocabulary words as well as grammar they have to understand every year they’re anticipated to master. The typical English kid won’t have much say in this, since foreign languages will be compulsory in England. England is not the only one performing this attempt of language learnin, of course.

Because of the truth that foreign languages will be compulsory in England for sevenyear old kids, England should sound, and appear, rather different in the year 2025. That will be the season that the first course of youth language students will turn 18, spread their bilingual wings, and head to a University to create their mark on the planet; in two languages, not only 1!

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