Uceda School For Businesses & Corporations

Uceda School provides high quality intensive and semi-intensive business English instruction for local companies, international business professionals, as well as U.S. based international workers of local area and multinational corporations. Our instruction is designed to match the particular needs of both the customers as well as their corporate sponsors.

Unique features of the programs we offer are:

  • Private instruction tailored to the communication needs of the customer.
  • A flexible educational program ordered to fit the customer’s or sponsor’s schedule.
  • Instruction offered either on-site* or at any of our several Uceda School locations.
  • Uceda School can uniquely & professionally custom design any training program.

Education addresses both verbal and written business communications.

Verbal company communications instruction includes training in proper business presentations, idiomatic use of English, informal discussions, intelligibility that is oral, and listening development within the business context.

Written company communications instruction includes training in business correspondence, business reports/suggestions, and reading/vocabulary for particular business purposes.

The Uceda School’s corporate English faculty are specialists in business English language skill development and provide education using an extensive library of Business English materials, technical equipment, and software available exclusively by Uceda School.

English Evaluations
Upon arrival, students are analyzed for language proficiency in all skill areas: reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and speaking. Instruction addresses student(s) skill weaknesses and communicating tasks necessitated by the client’s work responsibilities.

Faculty conduct regular progress tests with students and, as requested, keep corporate patrons informed with progress reports. These tests allow for adjustments in the training. Overview reports are submitted to sponsors and clients upon completion of the training program.

Instructional Schedule
Instruction takes place at either Uceda School or the corporation’s place of business. At the conclusion of each cycle, students are reevaluated in order to measure performance.

Our Partners in ESL
Uceda School’s decades long experience provides any company, organization, or institution the best possible English language program in their area. Uceda School’s ability to customize training and provide master instructors results in a succesful training program. Uceda School is available to assist you in any training for companies both large and small.

*On site Programs: Uceda School will develop on-site classes for businesses within a 30 mile radius any given school location.

*Available in select campuses nationwide.