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F1 Visa Change of Status | Uceda School

If you find yourself in the United States holding a B1/B2 Visa or any other visa type, Uceda School provides a pathway for transitioning to an F1 Visa through a Change of Status process. Established in 1988, Uceda School has successfully facilitated thousands of F1 Visa changes, making us a trusted choice for international students seeking to pursue their education in the U.S.

Our experienced Primary Designated School Officials (PDSOs) and Designated School Officials (DSOs) are well-versed in the intricacies of the Change of Status procedure. They stand ready to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you are fully informed and prepared to navigate the transition smoothly.

Initiate F1 Visa Change of Status | Uceda School

To initiate your F1 Visa Change of Status, we invite you to visit one of our approved school locations, conveniently listed on our homepage. Schedule a meeting with our knowledgeable staff to receive personalized assistance and complete the necessary paperwork to advance in your F1 process.

Please be aware that the Change of Status process may require several days or weeks to complete. For this reason, we recommend visiting our PDSO and DSO well in advance of your visa expiration date, allowing ample time for the transition to be processed effectively.

Types of Student Visas | Uceda School

Why Choose UCEDA School?

Our primary objective is to furnish students with the English language proficiency and cultural awareness necessary for success in an increasingly globalized world. UCEDA School fulfills this mission through our comprehensive curriculum and dedicated student services.

35 years

UCEDA offers flexible schedules, modern classrooms, near major cities

All UCEDA campuses are located near large beautiful cities and offer all the amenities you need to live and learn with UCEDA.  All our modern classrooms include the following:

  • Free WiFi

  • Tech-equipped Classrooms

  • Student Lounge

  • Advanced School Lab

  • Located Near Major Airports

  • Student Visa Support