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By Published On: April 6th, 2016

esl-njThose of us born in the United States may never understand what it is like to come from another country and not have a working command of the language. It is not because we are not sensitive it is just because we do not have to deal with it.

However, there are people living, many times, right in your neighborhood dealing with this issue every day. They go about their daily business, and no one is even aware that this issue exists. The truth is it does, and there are things in place to help those dealing with this issue.

English is considered the language of opportunity and success. Everywhere you go English is the language spoken in business, education, and medicine. Nowhere else is it more evident, than in the United States of America. Students on all levels are the most vulnerable to this issue.

So, many times poor performance in school is the direct result of inadequate mastery of the language. Unfortunately, the stigma that is placed on a young student can take years to erase.  This leads to low self-esteem, anger, and withdrawal.

ESL New Jersey is on the way to bridging the gap that is created because of the language barriers. The letters ESL stand for English as a second language. In 1988 the first ESL New Jersey institution was formed. The message was simple, yet clear; enable students to gain mastery over the English language.

The ultimate goal is to empower them to take their rightful place in the global community. It is important to be complete with all the skills needed to succeed. Uceda School was born. This type of institution is not the only one of its kind. The success of this program has caught on, and all throughout the state of New Jersey educational facilities are offering similar programs to aid students in gaining the skills they need.

There are schools located in cities throughout the state that offer comprehensive and intensive ESL classes. The elementary and the secondary levels of education are experiencing this and it is making a difference in the lives of countless individuals.


UCEDA SCHOOL’s mission is to provide student-centered English language programs and services to a diverse international and local student population.

Our main goal is to equip students with the English language skills and cultural awareness needed to help them lead more productive lives and/or pursue higher education in the United States and in a globalizing world.

UCEDA SCHOOL achieves its mission through its effective implementation of the curriculum, instructional methods and services.

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