studying-esl-hackensack-new-jerseyChoosing a place where you can study English is no easy task. Studying a new language is stressful enough without the added pressure of trying to fit in into a new environment. The place where you stay while you learn the language is almost as important as the school you decide to study English in. If you have been straining your brain on where best to study English, look no further than Hackensack, New Jersey, which is right next to North Bergen. You can easily live in North Bergen and learn your new language in the city of Hackensack at our Hackensack location.

This culturally diverse and eclectic town made it to number 10 in the top 10 best places to live in New Jersey. The town has a small enough population of about 60,000 to still give you that small town vibe, yet has a culturally diverse population to make it interesting. It has an interesting shape and topography which have created diverse historical and contemporary neighborhoods.

North Bergen has a lot of things to offer that caters to people from all walks of life. From the familiar to the unusual, North Bergen has something to offer for everyone.

After your English course, shopping lovers can take a stroll along Bergenline Avenue, currently holding the title of the longest commercial avenue in the state with over 300 shops and restaurants. Known as the Miracle Mile, the shopping adventure begins at the intersection of 32nd street and continuous north until 92nd street in North Bergen. If you decide to do this, better put on a comfortable pair of shoes . You and your wallet are in for a workout!

There are also some interesting neighborhoods that are worth exploring – The Racetrack section, Bergenwood, and New Durham to name a few. Walk through these neighborhoods and it is easy to see why people are so drawn to this place.

And for those with the taste for the unconventional, it might interest you to know that North Bergen has 7 commentaries, more than any other town in the county!

New Bergen is a place where you can feel comfortable enough to practice your new-found language skills as well as satisfy your need for adventure should you feel the urge. It’s also close to plenty of New Jersey English schools. Studying a new language is never easy, but if you find yourself in an environment where you enjoy yourself, studying doesn’t have to become a chore. It becomes part of your life. And before you even know it, you are speaking English like a native speaker.

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