Valuable ESL Classes In Newark Help You Communicate And Write Better

newark-english-schoolThe process of learning any new language is an excellent way to diversify your communication skills. ESL students are granted an opportunity to learn a language that is rich in tradition and that is frequently spoken around the world.

What You Will Learn

Students who study English in Newark will have the opportunity to receive expert instruction from experienced ESL teachers. The course material that is taught will cover grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. In addition, the four language skills will be covered to ensure that you receive a complete scope of the English language. The four language skills that you will learn include:


The Course Material And Teaching Style

The ESL course will be taught with a variety of resources, such as books, computers and handouts to help participants fully grasp the concepts that the instructor is trying to convey. Students will be given assignments, quizzes, exams and the instructor may use video materials as part of the teaching format.

We Want Students To Be Comfortable In Their ESL Classes

Learning a new language can sometimes invoke anxiety and stress. However, it is not necessary to be nervous because the instructors are very patient and experienced with helping classmates grasp the lessons and understand the concepts that are taught. Just remember that after you complete the course you will be able to communicate effectively in an English speaking population.

Every Student Has A Different Reason For Learning English

We understand the importance of effectively teaching the course material because students enroll in ESL classes for many different reasons. Some students are interested in improving their English skills, some students are attempting to get a job and some students are preparing for college. Since every student has a different reason for taking ESL classes, our ESL program is designed in a universal format to fit the needs of everyone.

We Look Forward To Your Graduation Day

We are always excited to graduate a new class because it means that we did our job to empower our students. Students who graduate from our ESL courses will have a treasure chest of ESL skills. Our graduating students are able to lead and participate in English conversations, they can read English literature, they can write in English, they are able to listen and comprehend the English language and they are able to provide assistance to people in their community and to family members who are not native English speakers. We look forward to seeing you in our class so that we can help you become a proficient English speaker and writer.

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UCEDA School’s mission is to provide English language programs and services to international and local students.

Our main goal is to equip students with English language skills.

UCEDA School achieves its mission through the implementation of the curriculum and student services.