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By Published On: February 25th, 2017

Uceda School of Las Vegas now accepts F1 international students to study English in our campus. Uceda School of Las Vegas is approved by CEA and is authorized to enroll non immigrant students. If you have ever wanted a visa to Study English in the USA, this is your opportunity to study in the best English academy in Las Vegas Nevada.

Las Vegas is nicknamed “America’s Playground” and the “Entertainment Capital of the World” for good reason. Las Vegas enjoys good weather year round and the cost of living is relatively low. If you plan on living in Las Vegas as a student, this city has cheaper rent than any place from California to New York. Getting your student visa in Las Vegas also gives you the opportunity to be in the west coast states. A student can visit Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California when vacation is approved or on the weekends.

The Las Vegas International airport has many flights and since it is a tourist destination, air travel is very inexpensive and you can find many discounts for weekend travel to different places in the United States.

At Uceda School of Las Vegas, students can choose to study in our morning classes, and we also provide ESL classes in the evening. Our morning schedule is from 8am until 12:30pm Monday to Thursday. Our Evening schedule is from 4:30pm to 9:00pm in the evening. International F1 students need to attend classes a minimum of 18 Hours per week in order to fulfill the requirement of an F1 international student. Again, the 18 hours per week is considered to be full time studies for our morning and evening students.

We have students from all over the world join our school every day to become part of the larger student body of Uceda Schools. Students from Brazil, China, Vietnam, Japan, Colombia, Venezuela, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, South Korea, India, Russia, and Saudi Arabia make up the majority of our students in our Las Vegas campus. Since Uceda School has several F1 students being approved weekly throughout the US, our demographics of students can change throughout the year.

We make it easy to apply with us since Uceda School has been servicing ESL students for over 30 years. We have trained PDSOs and DSOs that are knowledgeable and can inform you on the process to apply for your Visa, even if it is for the very first time. Uceda can also assist you in the actual filling out of some of the documents needed to have your F1 Visa approved.

Uceda School can also help you if you have dependents. Your studies do not have to come to an end if you have a wife, husband, or children. Uceda can help you apply for them as well under the F2 Visa. There are other forms needed to apply for dependents and the approval will be for the entire family.

If you are serious about applying for an F1 Student Visa in Las Vegas, please make sure you visit and choose Uceda School to help you in your Visa application process. Contact our school to make an appointment with the international department PDSO or DSO as soon as possible.


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