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By Published On: May 27th, 2018

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If you need to adjust your status, which is referencing your permanent residence from a legal perspective, you can do so without having to leave the country. The adjustment of status, one that is available for all legal aliens, can happen in a couple different ways. You do have to qualify which means that you must be eligible for a green card. You also need to be presently in the United States to do this in Vegas. If there are green card applicants, and they are not currently in America, they must use what is called consular processing instead. If you would like to do a change of status in Las Vegas, here are the steps you need to take.

Understanding What Adjustment Of Status Means

On a very basic level, this simply means that a person who is a foreigner, who is currently in the United States lawfully, can become a permanent resident. There is an application procedure that they must follow. The visa holder, this individual, will change over from simply being a visa holder to an individual that will now have a green card. If this is done the right way, the individual will not have to leave the country in order to complete this process. You need to know if you are eligible for doing this and there are ways to determine what your status is.

Are You Eligible To Do This?

If you are eligible, you will likely fulfill a couple requirements. There are actually three. First of all, you have to be in America physically. Second, you must have come to America legally. As an addendum to the second requirement, if you are here with a visa, you cannot be over the designated time. Finally, eligibility for a green card is something that you must have. All of these working together are going to allow you to change your status.

How Does This Work In Vegas?

To do this in Vegas, there are a couple of forms that you will need to fill out. This will include form I 94 and form 485. If you are able to fill out and submit these, along with the medical exam, you will be ready to move forward. You also must submit to a biometrics procedure where you will be fingerprinted. After this is done, the citizen and immigration services of the United States will look at your application and make a determination. You also have to go through an interview. You need to bring a photo ID. You may also need to bring your marriage certificate if you are currently married. Once the interview has taken place which can happen in Reno or Las Vegas, they will decide whether or not to approve you.

What If You Are Married And Try To Do This?

If you are currently married, and your spouse is legal in the US with a valid visa, this is going to work in your favor. However, if they are not here legally, they will not be able to follow you if you are approved because they do not have proper status. If you cannot adjust your status, but you are eligible for a green card, this is a situational problem. If you are overseas, you can do consular processing to get a green card. However, if you are in the United States, you may have to go home to the country you are from in order to go through this process. It is imperative that you come back right away once this problem is resolved. Selects but I speed at which they are able to approve you and potentially approve your spouse.

Doing a change of status is something that is quite complicated when looked at from afar. However, when you start to look at the basic details, you can clearly see that is not a problem. Most of the companies that do this are extremely good about helping people get their status changed. It is recommended that you work with a lawyer that can help you with filing any paperwork that you need to. They will ensure that it is properly filled out, and also submitted, so that you will have the best chance to adjust your status in the Las Vegas area.


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