English Present Simple Tense and How to Use It

By Published On: April 8th, 2016

The present simple tense is really one of the tenses that’s taught to language learners once they start to learn English with Uceda School. The cause of this is that it’s possibly the simplest of all tenses to comprehend. English grammar is infamous for its sophistication and this post will summarize the uses of the current simple in an obvious and simple to comprehend fashion.

Primarily, the present simple can be used to share with you habits, repeated actions, facts, feelings, views, states of schedules, time-tables and heads. Additionally, it may be utilized to spell out a state of mind or perhaps a feeling. You may say something similar to “I feel happy” or “I feel hungry”. Finally, additionally, it may be utilized for an action that’s happening right now that’s not a constant action. For instance, “He wants a biscuit”.

The present simple is (as name implies) a simple tense to comprehend and control. It’s composed of the subject, the base type of the verb (with an additional ‘s’ for 3rd persons) and an object. The topic may really be a pronoun such as for example I, he, she or we, or it may really be a name of some thing, somebody or yet another noun.

Within the sentence, “William writes articles”, we are able to observe that “William” is a noun (the name of a man), “writes” is a verb (the base type of the verb in addition to the letter ‘s’) and “articles” is the object.

To begin with, we’ll discuss things in general and facts. It does not actually matter whether the fact is true or false, so long as the speaker believes it to be factual at that time of saying the fact and that it was true within yesteryear and certainly will persist to be factual within the near future. For instance, the speaker may say that “Bangkok may be the capital city of Thailand”.

Next, we frequently utilize the present as an easy task to speak about actions that occur repeatedly. This may be something that’s a custom, an action that you simply do each day or other things which are consistently repeated. For instance, the speaker may say “I do not eat morning meals” or “I smoke cigars”.

In addition, it may be used to go over a time-table, program, or something that occurs at a particular time. For instance, the speaker could say “I teach English at 7am” or “The bus arrives at 7am”.

In English, we make use of this consistently in regular dialogue, and as it’s important to comprehend why and when it ought to be utilized by a language student anywhere, like for instance at Uceda School’s Las Vegas Location.

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