If you’re looking for an English language school in Hoboken, NJ, then your best bet is to find a school in a nearby area like Union City. First, though, let’s talk about Hoboken itself. The city of Hoboken, New Jersey has a population of about 40,000, and was first settled by the Dutch in the 17th century. Just across the Hudson River in Manhattan, it is known as the ‘bedroom community’ due to the large number of suburban commuters, a quarter of which work in finance or real estate in New York City.

Hoboken is famous for being the location of the first ever recorded baseball game, and home to one of the oldest technological universities in the United States – Stevens Institute of Technology. Trivia fanatics might be happy to know that this is also the birth place of the zipper!

Hoboken is a wonderful place to live in while you study English in New Jersey. For those of you who want to learn English, whether they want to improve their professional careers, prepare for an English exam, or just want to master the language, the nearby Uceda School of Union City offers intimate English classes.

English classes are offered very nearby in Union City by Uceda School. You will be matched with the perfect teacher who can give you the perfect English lesson depending on your current needs.

If you prefer to study in a school that offers you flexibility and a great learning environment, then Uceda School is the place for you! All of our schools have a wonderful methodology of teaching English. Our schools can work for you as you can take your time in choosing a location that can fit your needs.

For classes in a group setting, you can choose to enroll and start in a class determined by your current level of English.

We also have a TOEFL course available at select locations for those who are interested. Contact your local school rep for more information about that.

While admittedly Hoboken is not as big or as cosmopolitan as its nearest neighbor – New York, it is an interesting and enjoyable place to live in while learning the English language. Its also so close to the nearby city of New York that you can go visit and have a blast at a moment’s notice!

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